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• What materials can be engraved?
Lasers can engrave many different materials including wood, plastics, leather, glass and stone. There are however, significant difference in cosmetic quality and contrast depending on the material. There are even differences within specific material groups such as different types of wood and different types of plastic. All of the products offered on laserbabygifts.com have been chosen to give the highest quality and contrast. If contract engraving services are requested with specific materials or products, a test piece would be required where the engraving could be approved.

• Why do I have to sign up?
This actually makes it easier for everyone. If you do not wish to sign up, you can always just email us with your order and send us a check. Just be sure to include all of the important information.

•What if there is a mistake?
If you've already submitted your order and then read on the order confirmation that some of the information you submitted was wrong, don't panic. Simply contact us through email and explain your error. Our email account is constantly supervised and checked just before each product is made. If we have not yet processed your order, we will substitute the corrected information.

• What about names that are too long?
All names are sized to fit the engraving area and become smaller as the names get longer. Laserbabygifts.com may make small adjustments to line spacing for the purpose of maintaining the artistic look of the product. In most cases, long names create no problems, although very long names, more than 10 letters, would not be recommended for the baby blocks.

• Can you make Baptism or Christening gifts?
Yes. All of the gifts offered can be modified with information for the occasion. If the changes are relatively minor, there will be no additional charges. Just email your request seperately before orderring.

• What if the information is currently unknown?
If some of the information is unknown, laserbabygifts.com can substitute other information in its place. Most commonly the time is unknown and instead, the day of the week can be substituted. Once a product is engraved, information CAN NOT be added at a later date. Specific questions should be submitted before placing the order.

• What if I'm buying for twins?
Most products are specific for each baby. If some information is omitted, The birth announcment magnets and the baby frame could be adjusted to accommodate twins in a single product. Please email for specific information before placing the order.

• What if I'd like to mail the  engraving as a gift?
It is easy to use laserbabygifts.com for sending baby gifts to your friends and relatives. Simply fill in their address in the "ship to" section of the order form. You can also add a short message that will be written on a gift card to let them know who to thank for such a wonderful gift.

• Can I provide my own gifts for engraving?
This is possible but may be price prohibitive. Creating a product for retail sale and using laserbabygifts as the source for the engraving could be economical. Please email specific requests ahead of time.

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